To inspire + realize imagination

Our work combines technology and art to inspire and realize imagination. We use advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC machining to bring imagination to life.

Futuristic Food

3D Printed Pie

What if you could 3D print a pie?

Art + Sculpture

All of the Lights

What if diversity shines from every corner of our world?

Art + Sculpture

Bape Head

What if you could 3D print streetwear?

Invention + Design

Buildini Gen 1

The award-winning Buildini 3D Printer

Invention + Design

Buildini Gen 2

Buildini 3D Printer Gen 2

Art + Sculpture


How do you make 3D portraits?

Futuristic Food

Cloud Cake

What does a cloud taste like?

Art + Sculpture

Cloud Cutter

Cloud Cutter character from a movie set

Art + Sculpture

Cyborg Sculpture: Moon Ribas

What if you could feel the earth move in your arm?

Art + Sculpture

Cyborg Sculpture: Neil Harbisson

What if you can hear color?

Health + Wellness

Face Shield

The Budmen Face Shield is NIH approved design for first responders and essential workers on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Art + Sculpture

Hello Kitty

Geometric Hello Kitty in collaboration with Adam Lister



What if you could easily customize your furniture?

Invention + Design

Little Library Cart

Little Library Cart for little literature lovers

Buddy Bots

Nema's Notes

A children's book about a shy robot who discovers her confidence through music

Futuristic Food

Neon Nom Noms

What would 3D printed cookies taste like?

Art + Technology

Picasso Dimensionalized

From a painting to a sculpture


Pulse Table

What if you could visualize your heartbeat?


Resolute Chair

Can you 3D print a chair?

Art + Sculpture


Making an articulating futuristic Hollywood movie prop


Scoria Stools

What is the future of furniture?


Tree Table

Heirloom table made from 79 soda bottles.

Art + Sculpture

VR Collection

What if you could make anything just by moving your hand?

Art + Technology

Visions Series

A collaborative project between Budmen® + select artists to explore creative frontiers and transport artifacts from imagination to reality.

Invention + Design


What if one product can do it all?

Art + Sculpture

World's First Scanvenir

What is a scanvenir?