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Cybernetically Sensing Tectonic Movement

An artist, dancer and cyborg Moon Ribas can feel tectonic movement via a cybernetic implant in her arm. A dancer by training she performs the movement of the earth’s plates as it happens in real time.

Moon and her Cyborg Foundation co-founder Neil Harbisson contacted us back in 2015 to find a way to share their cybernetic senses with the world.

We designed and fabricated sculptures containing the same cybernetics implated within Moon and Neil. We started by 3D scanning Moon’s arm and 3D printing it life size. We created special cavities to house those cybernetics. The sculpture was then finished with an aged bronze. The end result is a sculpture that allows anyone to sense tectonic movement the same way she does.

The sculpture was installed at Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona where you can walk up to it, put your hand on the sculpture, and wait to feel the movement of the earth’s crust the same way Moon Ribas does.

Project Data
LocationsSmithsonian, Washington D.C [Winter - Spring 2022]; Barcelona and Ireland [2014 - present]
MaterialsBiodegradable Plastic, Metals, Electronics
CautionYou may start to feel tectonic movement
ColorAged Bronze

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