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All of the Lights

An installation of 100 unique 3D printed lamps

Throughout history, humanity’s darkest hours have been defined by “us vs. them.” Social warfare has been waged time and time again over differences in religious, philosophical, cultural, and political beliefs. All of these ideological fights represent something bigger—a society stuck in a groupthink mentality where the unique thought and complexity of the individual is lost in the fray.

What if the beauty of diversity and individuality could shine from every corner of our world?

ALL OF THE LIGHTS, an immersive installation of 100 unique 3D printed lamps, is a unified exhibit of individuality. It represents a bright future where individuality is celebrated and reflected in environments that are as unique and complex as we are. The installation redefines craft for the 21st century, combining sculpture, design, and digital fabrication to create an immersive glimpse into the future.


Early sketch of 3D printed lamp concept
More pencil sketches of 3D printed lamp concepts
Even more sketches of 3D printed lamp concepts

Early explorations in the form of loose sketches

Hand-crafted Digital Designs

To bring a personal and human element to each of the designs, we decided to digitally sculpt each one by hand.

As the process unfolded, a variety of form families emerged while the personality of each lamp remained unique. Some were symmetrical and appeared rooted in pure geometry. Some were gestural, feeling like captured motion. Others swirled and stretched into splendid spirals. Some were representational, reminding us of abstract avocados, handsome hats, and timeless toys.

Wireframe render of a lamp design. Spiral shape.
Rendered concept of lamp: narrow at top, wide at bottom
Rendered concept of lamp: five bands stacked on each other
Rendered concept of lamp: vertical swirling channels
Rendered concept of lamp: lots of individual dimples and ripples
Rendered concept of lamp: vertical sprials

Early Lamp Renders: At this stage we used computer generated renders to visualize the shapes. These illustrations allowed us to explore the way light and shadows fall on these unique forms.


The Budmen® Progress™ printing Lamp No. 18

Why 3D Printing?

3D printers can make hundreds of the same object but their real strength is in making hundreds of different objects at no extra cost. 3D printing is a shift from a world full of mass manufactured products to one where each item can be a unique reflection of our individuality.

Video clip of Budmen® BUILDER 3D printer printing a swirled lamp shape
Close up image of stacked 3d printed layers illuminated

Large Luminous Layers

Layer by layer by layer, a 3D printer creates objects. This process produces surfaces with striations similar to those seen on rock formations and tree bark. Printing with thick layers produces even more dramatic striations.

We love this uniquely layered aesthetic, not only is it a signature of the process, but the object takes on an entirely new character when illuminated.

Abstract image of lamp details
Abstract image of lamp shape in purple hue
Abstract image of lamp facets with strong contrast

Perfect Imperfections

What if you intentionally run a 3D printer too fast or too hot?

The speed changes will cause the plastic to skip and an array of randomized holes will appear. The temperature changes will cause different bands of tonality.

We don't consider these inconsistencies to be glitches, they are perfect imperfections -- part of the lamp's character. The result is an aesthetic that is simultaneously computational, organic and unique.

3D Printed lamp layers with slight randomized gaps with light peaking through
Lots of Budmen brand lamp cords
Video clip of plastic filament spinning
Lots of LED light bulbs used in installation

Project Stats

# of Unique Designs
100 Lamps
Total 3D Print Time
453 Hours
Shortest Print
3.25 Hours
Longest Print
8.8 Hours
Total Electrical Cord
1704 Feet
Total Plastic Filament
4.5 Miles


Photo of Lamp No. 31
Photo of Lamp No. 30
Photo of Lamp No. 34
Photo of Lamp No. 33
Photo of Lamp No. 05
Photo of Lamp No. 36
Photo of Lamp No. 37
Photo of Lamp No. 38
Photo of Lamp No. 39
Photo of Lamp No. 41
Photo of Lamp No. 42
Photo of Lamp No. 43
Photo of Lamp No. 45
Photo of Lamp No. 46
Photo of Lamp No. 47
Photo of Lamp No. 49


Illuminate your imagination. Explore ALL OF THE LIGHTS. Find the lamp as unique as you are.
Let your individuality shine.

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Gallery image
Project Data
Locations:Syracuse, Philadelphia, Finger Lakes, NY
EdibleDefinitely not
MaterialsBiodegradable plastic, LED light bulbs, Paracord covered cable

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