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We are excited to present the first chapter of our VISIONS SERIES featuring Adam Lister's geometric interpretations of reality. This collection represents the culmination of a decade-long partnership between Lister and Budmen, and reflects our shared passion for art.

Explore the magic of this new collection, an expression of our unique blend of artistic practices and visions.


Robo Owl featured in Hulu Film

American High's newest film "It's a Wonderful Binge" features a Robo Owl character designed, created and produced by Budmen Industries.

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Cyborgs at the Smithsonian

In the Smithsonian are 3D printed sculptures of Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas designed, created and produced by Budmen Industries.

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3.5 Million Budmen Face Shields

What started as the grassroots effort of a small team became a global manufacturing revolution. Over 3 million Budmen face shields have been deployed around the world to frontline and essential workers fighting COVID-19.

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Industrial imagination

Our secret ingredient to bring big ideas to life.

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