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Budmen® Face Shield

We are leading the charge to produce 3D printed devices to support essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A. Adjustable Elastic Band - designed to gently cradle head by wrapping above and below cranium for maximum support and comfort.

B. Closed Visor - The closed design on the visor helps to keep droplets out providing superior splash protection compared to open designs. A soft foam strip along the forehead makes extended wear easy.

C. Extra Long Polyshield - The 9 inch long polyshield was specified to provide coverage beyond the chin. Made from 0.010 in thick sheet, it holds it shape while providing great optics.

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Total based on self-reporting by registered producers and industry partners.

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What started in our home on March 16th grew into a global network of 3D Face Shield producers willing to help health care organizations in dire need. We connected thousands of producers directly to the health care workers in their geographic region.

We also helped our hometown. The Upstate New York community banded together to donate over $28,000. All funds were used to produce, assemble and distribute as many face shields to organizations in need in Upstate New York. Together we donated over 25,000 shields to organizations all across New York State. Thank you to all the volunteers, American High, Greater Syracuse Soundstage, and PPC for all your help!

Shields Donated To Upstate New York
Project Data
Quantity MadeOver 3.5 million
LocationsAll over the globe from Asia to Africa
EdiblePlease no
MaterialsBiodegradable plastic, adjustable elastic, protective polyshield, comfortable foam

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