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Bringing to life a fantastically futuristic feathered character


American High, a film production company based in Liverpool, NY, and the masterminds behind “I Love My Dad” starring Patton Oswalt and “The Binge” with Vince Vaughn, approached us to create a prop for their newest film: "It's a Wonderful Binge."

They needed a futuristic owl with articulating segments that would look amazing when shot in dramatic black and white scenes.


"It's A Wonderful Binge," a sequel to "The Binge," takes place in the near future where drugs and alcohol are illegal. This year, however, The Binge happens on Christmas Eve. "It's A Wonderful Binge" is filled with magical storybooks, animation, catchy songs, debauchery, mayhem, and a stellar cast.

In the movie, best friends Hags (Dexter Darden) and Andrew (Eduardo Franco) take their lives to the next level. Andrew tries to fix things with his dysfunctional family and feels so unwanted that he decides to end his life. In the style of George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life," an unlikely Angel (a hilarious Danny Trejo) tries to show Andrew the value of his life. Meanwhile, Kimmi (Marta Piekarz) and Sarah (Zainne Saleh) try to recover the town’s Christmas owl that gets loose.


When it came time to create the Robo-Owl, we didn't want to anchor it in any trend or single idea of the future. The shape, structure, and surface finish were carefully designed to create the illusion that the Robo-Owl does not have a time or place. It could be from the near future, a future-past, or the far-future.

While the most of the Robo-Owl has an iron finish, the eyes are bright orange and light up to add an element of mischievousness and malice.

Artful ArticulationArtful Articulation

No matter what the director needed the owl to do, whether it was a flutter of wing or slow spooky headturn, the Robo-Owl was made to do it all.

The pivot action of the Robo-Owl's head turns is so silently and so smoothly, that if you turned around and suddenly it was staring at you, we wouldn't blame for you startling.

The Robo-Owl has several other articulating joints, like its wings and legs to make it as expressive as possible and ready for any on-screen situation.

Fun Fact: Did you know, owls' legs are hilariously long and slender? Most people don't realize it because they are usually covered up by fluffy feathers. But what happens in the future when robotic owls don't have feathers? Their long legs are exposed. All the mechanics, bearings, and pivot points are on display.

Thank you to American High for the opportunity to create the Robo-Owl for their movie, "It's A Wonderful Binge."

If you like Christmas movies, high-jinks, and humor give it a watch. Now streaming on Hulu.

Images from "It's A Wonderful Binge," Copyright American High & Hulu

All other photos: Copyright Budmen Industries

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Project Data
LocationSyracuse, NY
Materials UsedPost-Consumer Polymer, Apocalyptic Acrylic, Precious Metal Paint, Budmen Standard Stainless Steel Screws
Film"It's A Wonderful Binge"

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