Dream dessert realized using digital fabrication

Chef Steph makes the dessert of our dreams by turning a digital cloud into a light airy confection.

Cloud Cake Concepts It's a universal pastime to raise your eyes to sky and let your imagination summersault through the clouds. From the first sketch the CLOUD CAKE was an ambitious idea: capture a floating dream in the form of a delicious dessert. Rotating cloud cake 3D model from the design software The challenge of designing the CLOUD CAKE was to create a natural form that could sit on the plate without looking heavy. We designed the bottom edges of the cloud to fold under its body creating the illusion the dessert is floating on the plate and inviting you to taste it. 3D printed mold master for Cloud Cake The next step was to split the CLOUD CAKE into two moldable pieces. The model was cut down the center and tabs were added to make the final mold easy to line up. The model was then 3D printed and used to create a silicone mold. Finished Cloud Cake with serving knife When it came to crafting the dessert Chef Steph was faced with the question: What would a cloud taste like? One thing was certain: the texture had to be light and airy, as if you were sticking your fork into a cloud that had floated down from the sky. To spark your curiosity, the outside of the CLOUD CAKE deliberately reveals little about the about what delicious flavors might be inside. When the dessert is cut into, you get your first glimpse of the CLOUD CAKES's delectable anatomy revealing richly textured and flavorful layers. The outside layer of this particular CLOUD CAKE is a light and airy eggnog white chocolate mousse. Inside you will find two layers of moist bittersweet chocolate cake with a delicate layer of fresh raspberry jam. This is just one version of the CLOUD CAKE. To discover the newest CLOUD CAKES and other creative confections from the Techno Test Kitchen check out Chef Steph's instagram.
Project Data
CautionMay cause your taste buds to dance with joy
MaterialsChocolate, cream, raspberry jam
DateExcellent for date nights

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