Heartbeat inspired Coffee Table combining traditional and digital manufacturing

Pulse Table Wireframe

The PULSE TABLE started with a challenge: What if you could visualize your heartbeat? or What if you could visualize a song?

Pulse Table Sketches

The first step of any project is brain storming, so we hit the drawing board. After running through a couple dozen concepts the team decided on two finalists.

Results of instagram poll with Pulse Table as winner

We 3D modeled and rendered table concepts and asked our instagram followers to vote on which one they wanted to see made a reality. The Pulse Table won by a significant margin.

Video of Pulse Table printing

So we fired up the PROGRESS™ Printer, our large scale industrial 3D printer, loaded it with beautiful gray plastic and sent it to work printing the Pulse Table.

Animated diagram of Pulse Table components

When the legs were finished printing the Pulse Table was assembled by attaching them to the birch table top. See the finished results in the gallery below.


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