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Nema's Notes

Nema's Notes is a colorful story about a little robot who gains her confidence through the magic of music.

Concept ArtConcept Art

From the first spark of an idea, Nema has been a delight to conceptualize and realize. Her playful personality and curious character naturally developed as we sketched, modeled and acted out her reactions to different situations.

Below is some of the concept art that went into developing the story:

Nema was a lonely little robot that could only say a few beeps, boops, and bings until she discovers music that helps her gain confidence and changes her life forever. Join her on this bright adventure as she swings and sings along with several instruments.

Kids won't be able to resist schwee schwoo schwaaah schwooping along with Nema as she sings with the saxophone or twoo-dily twoo-dily twoo-dily twooting along with the flute.

The book is a wild ride of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition that makes it a fun experience for kids and adults to share together. This hardcover book is richly illustrated and full of whimsical wording that begs to be read aloud.


In 2019 we launched a Kickstarter for Nema's Notes. Over $6,000 was pledged to bring this wonderful book to life.

We were so excited to bring Nema's adventure to kids everywhere and as a thank you for supporting our book, we included several rewards for backing at different levels: vinyl Nema stickers, super shiny collector Nema enamel pins, full color hardcover book signed by both authors, and a 3 inch 3D printed, hand finished Nema figurine.

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Book Size12 x 10in
PaperweightGloss 135 lb Text (Thick sturdy pages with a smooth finish)
Pages36 (Not too long, not too short, just right)

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