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Neon Nom Noms

The phenomenon you can nom on!

Neon Nom NomsNeon Nom Noms

Digitally fabricated desserts filled with fantastical futuristic flavors.

Ever since we added our newest division, the Techno Test Kitchen, our Chef Steph has kept the team hard at work experimenting in our culinary lab.

Neon Nom Noms - “the phenomenon you can nom on!”- are the latest experiment in food and technology.

Computational ConfectionsComputational Confections

These intricate and mouthwatering computational confections started as a digital 3D model. The model was created using a variety of CAD software, moving the file from program to program to perfect the form.

These techno treats were then fabricated by our team of robots and chefs. Finally they were airbrushed by hand to achieve a nummy neon gradient. These colorful creations are downright delicious!

Neon Nom Noms: a chocolate 3D printed dessert by Budmen Industries
Neon Nom Noms: a chocolate 3D printed dessert by Budmen Industries
Gallery image
Gallery image
Gallery image
Project Data
ColorsTechno Neon
Materials UsedChocolate, Pretzels, Nougat, Marshmallows, 3D Printer, Biodegradable Algae Silicone, Edible Color

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