What if the clouds were made by a utopian factory? And that factory was under attack?

Cloud Cutter by Budmen Industries

After hundreds of years of celestial cirrocumulus calm, evil has emerged. The Cloud Cutter rips through the fluffy fog, destroying everything in sight.

On a grey dreary day, the camoflauged Cloud Cutter annihilates all, leaving a distopian dust bowl in its tracks.

The Cloud Cutter's forces are catastrophic and must be stopped. Our only hope is someone courageous enough to confront the Cloud Cutter and challenge destiny.

3D Printed Movie Prop

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Project Data
Materials UsedPolylactic Acid, Found Objects, Vinyl, Acrylic Paint
What Movie Was This Made For?You'll have to stay tuned to find out...
Good Guy or Villain?Villain

Have an impossible idea?We specialize in impossible.