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Scoria Stools

Exploring the future of furniture

A collection of original, one-off designs exploring the future of furniture. Each stool is 3D printed with complex shapes and curves that otherwise would not have been possible without this technology.


The Scoria Stool collection gets its' name from the rock type. Scoria is a highly vesicular, dark colored volcanic rock that may or may not contain crystals. It is typically dark in color, and basaltic or andesitic in composition. Wikipedia


As a group of hungry industrial designers, we set out to discover what our "environments of the future" would look like, with a keen interest in exploring futuristic furniture. At that time, the build size of 3D printers was limited. Our first furniture concept started with 3D printed modular connectors that joined plywood in a honeycomb shape. This shelving system, known as the HONEYCUBBY, was designed to be customized to individuals and their ever changing environments.

What if we could expand the technology and invent new tools to realize the designs of our imagination? We spent the next couple of years designing a large scale 3D printer, one that could realize huge, complex designs and print entire furniture in one go. The Budmen Progress 3D Printer was born to create furniture that capitalizes on the unique capabilities of this technology.

Moments in our LivesMoments in our Lives

The swirling and geometric shapes of the Scoria Stools were inspired by moments in our lives: the undulating peaks and valleys of the water surface, the spiraling structure of our DNA, and enigmatic toys of our childhood.


Using cutting edge software, we designed each stool based on specific snapshots of our lives. They are then3D printed, with each form taking between 20-40 hours to meticulously print. After fabrication, we apply the distinct black texture inside and out. This gives the stools their signature black textured style. This material is a structural resin that adds serious strength, creating a very durable design.

Technology + ArtTechnology + Art

The SCORIA COLLECTION is a product of the evolutionary relationship between technology and creativity. These sculptural stools just scratch the surface of the incredible creative potential of large scale 3D printing technology. As we continue to explore our imagination, the creative and technological possibilities are endless.

Product Data
Materials UsedBiodegradable Plastic, Structural Resin, 3D Printer
Quantity Made5
ColorInk Black
CautionIf you're over 300lbs, please use it for display purposes only. Everyone else, please sit.
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