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Honey Cubby

What if we could customize and make furniture on-demand?What if we could customize and make furniture on-demand?

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and yet whenever we need that exactly right thingamahbob or whatchamacallit we can never seem to find it. With the Honeycubby, we challenged ourselves to create a piece of furniture that could be customized and manufactured to meet a variety of different needs.


We discovered inspiration in the honeycomb, those wondrous wax works that bees make to store their honey. Based on a series of hexagons divided into individual interconnected compartments, the honeycomb seemed like an ideal form for furniture.

Parametric ModelingParametric Modeling

Parametric modeling software. which allows you to create variables or parameters (like width, height, depth, etc..) within the design, was the perfect tool.

Using plywood and standardized screws allowed us to create a sturdy and easily assembled finished piece of furniture.

The ResultThe Result

A shelving unit that is as much a piece of software as it is furniture in the room.

The HoneyCubby was prominently displayed in MakerBot's Retail Store in NYC, 2015, as well as at the East Coast Rep Rap Festival in 2018.

Isaac Budmen: Image by Makerbot
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Project Data
MaterialsBirch, Biodegradable Plastic, Standard Stainless Steel Screws
CautionMay cause you to build the HoneyCubby in hundreds of different formations
Number of ShelvesUnlimited
Shelf TypeTiered
PlacementOffice, Living Room, Studio, Bedroom, Workshop, Store Window Display, Baby Room, Storefront

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