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    필라델피아에 위치한 어느 한 스튜디오에서 3D프린터로 출력한 100개의 전등을 이용한 미니 전시회가 개최되었습니다. 전시회의 이름은 “All of the Lights”이며 이 전시회를 개최한 회사는 Budmen Industries라는 회사입니다... Read More

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    3D printed design is slowly starting to enter the homes of those outside the 3D printing community with a range from Ikea and the much hyped Carbon x adidas futurecraft 4D shoe. Budmen Industries is a design house that brings together creativity, technology, and industry. Founded in Philadelphia by artists Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe, Budmen Industries recently unveiled All of the Lights, an immersive installation of 100 unique 3D printed lamps in a dark room... Read More

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    Le studio de design industriel, Budmen Industries, pourrait bien illuminer votre journée avec cette exposition “All of the Lights” qui mène en scène 100 luminaires imprimés en 3D. Les lampes sont suspendues dans un espace sombre et auraient pour objectif d’apporter un peu de clarté dans notre monde... Read More

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    Das in Philadelphia, USA, ansässige Design-Studio Budmen Industries kreierte eine beeindruckende Installation namens „All the Lights“, bestehend aus einhundert 3D-gedruckten Lampen. Jede dieser Lampen differenziert sich durch einzigartiges Design... Read More

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    In many different projects, 3D printing has been behind the creation of varying types of illumination. 3D designers around the world have created lights and lamps, along with a variety of different accents, and even spectacular installations. The general idea though is that utilitarian objects can be made efficiently and affordably, allowing the user to create a wide range of choices in different materials and colors so they may have light where it is necessary... Read More

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    Budmen Industries, a Philadelphia-based industrial design studio, is hoping to make the world seem a little bit less divided with its enlightening 3D printed immersive lamp installation. Lyrically named “All of the Lights,” the installation consists of 100 unique 3D printed pendant lights which are lit and hung in a dark space... Read More