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The Virtual and The Reality

Here at this intersection, we have a whole new way of creating art - with VR + 3D Printing!

January 27, 2020Art + Technology
The Virtual and The Reality

The freedom of the virtual world mixes with the rich texture of physical reality

ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE. This simple phrase is at the very core of everything we do. We believe that at the intersection of art + technology, anything we can dream, we can make. Here at this intersection, we have a whole new way of creating art - with VR + 3D Printing!

Imagine sculpting something so complex and complicated, such as the human form, without the steep learning curve associated with a new software or a new medium. Now imagine walking through Anne Frank's house without leaving your home. Both are possible in the world of Virtual Reality.

When you put on the headset and pick up the controllers, the physical world falls away. The only limit to what you can create is your imagination. Virtual Reality is an intensely liberating creative experience, and at the same time as natural as dragging a pencil across paper.

We are humans, physical beings existing in a beautifully tactile world. Because of that, we have found that there is something so unsatisfying about sharing a work that exists only in a digital space. This is where the Budmen Buildini 3D Printer comes in. The Buildini allows us to pull our creations out of Virtual Reality and into a physical one, creating richly textured and visually captivating sculptures.

With VR + 3D Printing, there's movement in our sculptures. In VR, we are literally dancing in the workshop, digitally drawing huge lines. we have created sculptures with movement and with energy that no other medium has done for us.

Are you ready to start creating 21st Century art? Contact us to get started 3D printing your VR creations with a Budmen 3D Printer.