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The Honey in the Cubby

February 24, 2020Furniture
The Honey in the Cubby

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and yet whenever you need that perfect thingamabob or exact whatchamacallit, you can never seem to find it.

Here at Budmen Industries, we challenged ourselves to create a piece of furniture that can be customized and easily manufactured to meet a variety of different needs, we call it the Honeycubby.

We discovered inspiration in the honeycomb, those wondrous wax works where bees store their honey. Based on a series of hexagons divided into individual interconnected compartments, the honeycomb is an ideal form for furniture.

For this task, we used a parametric modeling software, a tool with the ability to create an adjustable digital model. Instead of designing one object, for example, you design a framework that allows you to change different features of the design on the fly.

For this hexagonal shelving unit, the wood thickness, screw diameter, cell size, and a few other variables are parametric. Simply put, we have the ability to easily change the design to accommodate for bigger cells, thicker wood, and different screws. This makes the whole shelving unit customizable. That means endlessly expandable and adaptable to fit any size wall, room, or need.

After we customized the design, we send the custom connectors to print on the Budmen Buildini 3D Printer!

The HoneyCubby is a sturdy unit made from 3D printed connectors, beautiful birch, and standard stainless steel screws.

What ideas do you have using parametric modeling? What would you like to design that is customizable? Contact us to find out how a Budmen 3D Printer can help you realize it.