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The Great BAPE-sby

January 20, 2020Art + Technology
The Great BAPE-sby

Lister X Budmen Sculpture at BAPE® in Tokyo

Budmen Industries and the supremely talented artist Adam Lister have been collaborating for almost a decade now. Adam's watercolor paintings are truly abstract. Inspired by the 8-bit graphics of Atari and Nintendo, Adam pixelates famous paintings and cultural figures. To say Adam is prolific is an understatement, as evidenced by his extensive and endless portfolio. We highly recommend checking it out. Be sure to follow Adam on instagram where he posts his latest work.

Together, we take Adam's compositions and dimensionalize them into 3D printed figures, allowing you to experience the art in a new dimension. We call this collaboration 8 bit and 3 dimensions. Together, we have dimensionalized E.T., Willy Wonka, DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and Superman, just to name a few. To see the work we are collaborating on, visit

Recently, Adam called us and asked if we would like to collaborate on the biggest, most ambitious project to date. He asked us to create a sculpture based on his original painting for BAPE®, one of the most well-known streetwear brands on the planet.

Studying Adam's original watercolor painting helps us create a sculpture that effectively captures his iconic style. We design the model in a CAD software and then send it to the Buildini 3D Printer. After printing this 15 inch sculpture, we file and sand down the surface before sending it off to Adam to hand paint.

The end result turned out incredible - melding the digital and traditional crafts seamlessly. This piece was unveiled in 2018 at the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration at the flagship store in Tokyo called BAPE® XXV.

We cannot wait until we tackle our next big collaboration with Adam, perhaps the next one will be printed on the Budmen Progress Printer...

Do you have ideas for dimensionalizing art? Contact us at: to discuss the possibilities.

Photo: Highsnobiety

Adam Lister X Budmen 8Bit3D BAPE Head (far right) on display at the BAPE® XXV Exhibit

1Feature Photo: NOWHERE Co., Ltd. | Adam Lister X Budmen 8Bit3D BAPE Head on display at the BAPE® XXV Exhibit