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Curious Case of Budmen Industries

We are one part creative studio + one part machine shop.

November 18, 2019Art + Technology
Curious Case of Budmen Industries

It can be a little complicated to explain exactly what Budmen Industries does.

So to make it simple, we boiled it down to this: We are one part creative studio + one part machine shop.

In the creative studio, we craft unique and handcrafted furniture and art. In the machine shop, we create small-batch high-tech tools for 21st century creators.

One part creative studio.
One part machine shop.

Anything's Possible.

To us it just makes sense. Our mission is to explore the evolutionary cycle between creativity and technology. That's why in our workshop there are sculptures on one workbench and freshly manufactured printers on another. Technological advancements give us new creative ideas. In turn, these new artistic and creative possibilities shape the way we develop our technology giving our inventions new direction.

Every era in history from the Renaissance to the Atomic Age has been defined by the discoveries made at the intersection of art and technology. We really believe that at this intersection anything's possible.

Budmen Buildini 3D Printer

The Buildini 3D Printer is a powerful machine ready to 3D print big beautiful objects. The minimal design makes it intuitive to use and allows you to maximize your printing power. The modular components make maintenance a breeze. The power of the Buildini™ is in its simplicity.