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A Buildini On The Line Saves Wine

Scout Vineyards had trouble using a custom size wine bottle on their bottling line. Discover how they saved money + time with a Buildini.

February 17, 2020Tools & Machines
A Buildini On The Line Saves Wine

Scout Vineyards, an Upstate NY winery, is run by passionate people, carefully crafting their wine. They start with love and respect for the soil which in turn makes their wine refined and complex.

Here at Budmen Industries, we appreciate extreme attention to detail and commitment to any craft.

This past year, Scout Vineyards sourced a custom bottle made from premium glass to contain the fruits of their labor. However, little did they know these custom bottles did not fit on their automated bottling line! After calling the equipment manufacturer, they only needed to change two gears. The bad news was the total would be over ten thousand dollars and take several weeks for the new parts to arrive.

Thanks to the large build area and high volume printhead on their Budmen Buildini 3D Printer, they are able to print the parts they need overnight! The best part? The gears only cost $200 in plastic. This means wine can be bottled and shipped out to you sooner! AND the best part is they saved thousands of dollars!

Scout Vineyards knows they can choose any custom bottle because of their Budmen 3D Printer, have no fear that it will work on their bottling line. No need for expensive gears, they know their Buildini will have new custom gears for them in a few hours. This gives them the freedom to customize their wine bottles however they choose.

How else can the Budmen Buildini 3D Printer save you time and money? Contact us by sending an email to:!

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