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20,000 Guides For You To See

In-depth tutorials and instructions on getting to know your Buildini 3D Printer

March 7, 2020Art + Sculpture
20,000 Guides For You To See

How do I pause a 3D Print? What temperature should I set my filament to? How do I tune the Z Probe Offset? What is object resolution on a 3D object?

We get these questions all the time. So often in fact, that we created 3D Printing User Guides. To get the most out of your Buildini 3D Printer, it's important to become familiar with proper procedures and important information. These step-by-step guides are chock full of everything you need to know, from the components on the Buildini to popular materials to slicer settings. These fun and informative lessons feature tons of images, animations, and diagrams to make learning easy.

These guides include:

These guides are completely free, so be sure to share with friends. We are constantly updating and uploading new guides, stay tuned for more learning! If you have any thoughts or want us to include a specific guide, please feel free to contact