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BUSTIES - 3D Selfies - Imagine seeing your whole selfie!

Ever wanted a sculpture of yourself? A friend? A family member? A lover? With a Budmen Bustie 3D scanning service you can today!

Busties are available for individuals or groups by booking a 3D scan appointment in downtown Syracuse N.Y. Busties are available nationwide by booking the Bustie Booth at your next event!

Scanography - A copy service for your favorite items

Have an item, sculpture, object, knick-knack or doo-dad you would like to replicate? Our Scanograph Service is here to help!

Dimensionalization - Bring paintings and photos to life

Have you ever wished you could reach into a painting and pick up the objects in it?

Well now you can! The talented team of designers in our Dimensionalization Division can bring your 2D dreams to life!

To get started just send us your drawing, painting, photo or other image containing an item, building or person you would like made into a 3D object. To learn more or begin your quote click the button below:

Prototype Production - From idea to item - materialize your invention!

Have a product, invention or idea you want to make but unsure of how to actually get it made? We are here to help!

Budmen Industries has years of experience producing products, prototypes and projects of all manner of shapes, sizes and materials. Whether you have a sketch on a napkin or a fully fledged CAD model we can help bring your idea to life.

To learn more or request a quote on your project please click the button below and fill out the form: