Where everyday is extraordinary!

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We use 21st Century materials and manufacturing processes to create world-class works of art, imaginative industrial items, and curious collectibles for the child in all of us.

We love science as much as we love art and when the two intersect we can barely contain our excitement! Our passion for exploring the intersections of discipline is reflected in every project, product and service we create. We like to sum this unique blend of fun and functionality with our motto...

Project Papers

Discover the processes, techniques and ideas behind our experiments in the possible present!
  • Cyborg Sculptures| Apr 01 2015

    The world's first Cyborg Sculptures, containing the same cybernetic capabilities of their human-cyborg counterparts.

  • Pine Cone Collection| Jul 16 2014

    A downloadable collection of 3D printable desktop delights cleverly capturing the spiraling seeds of trees.

  • Scanning Holden| Apr 14 2014

    Expanding the possibilities of 3D scanning using drone technology to capture a historic building.

  • Actualizing Abstraction| Mar 21 2014

    Bringing new dimensions abstract art inspired by the abstractions of Carolyn Frischling

  • 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions| Nov 01 2013

    A collection of dimensionalized 3D prints inspired by the 8-bit watercolor paintings of Adam Lister