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Better Living in a Post Digital World

Making digital dreams the realities of possible present What would the world be like if the things we create in our digital lives -- avatars, objects, gradients, emojis, data, and more -- could be made real? What if these things could exist as real things and share the space of our living room? What if we could capture and remix everything we see? What would we make? How would it change us? Exploring answers to questions like these and beyond is the heart of Budmen Industries, a Post Digital Workshop located in Syracuse, NY.

Here we define Post-Digital simply as "making the digital real", whether it's a digitally designed desktop submarine or a computationally crafted cyborg sculpture we can make these digital dreams realities. To realize these things sometimes it requires inventing new tools and process capable of materializing digital DNA. These include the many electric employees who call our workshop home as they busily build things in all shapes and sizes using skills like 3d printing, cnc machining and laser cutting.

Welcome to the Possible Present!

Glimpse inside Budmen's Brain

Isaac Budmen brings art to invention; invention to art

The products and services of Budmen Industries are based on the work of founder, Isaac Budmen. As an artist, author and lifelong inventor, Budmen is an expert in digital fabrication technologies. He has logged thousands of hours using and exploring these 21st Century processes to realize creative and scientific works at the intersection of industry and imagination.

Isaac Budmen with a replica of his brain from MRI scan
"Everything starts and ends with Industrial Imagination"

He founded Budmen Industries to further realize this 'industrial imagination', a phrase used to describe his unique blend of fun and functionality. Budmen's forthcoming book, "21 Terms for the 21st Century" highlights some of the key findings from his research, including many of the terms and processes showcases throughout the Budmen Industries website, products and project papers.

Budmen offers products, services for 21st Century citizens

Products of the Possible Present

We use 21st Century materials and manufacturing processes to create world-class works of art, imaginative industrial items, and curious collectibles for the child in all of us.

In the Budmen Store, you will find a range of products that embody the Budmen Industries motto of “Industrial Imagination.” These items are realized by the creative application of additive manufacturing, material science, and time-tested artisan techniques. From our ongoing research and development, we derive tools and useful utilities for modern-day makers, along with timeless toys for 21st Century citizens, many of which are “World’s First” creations.

In addition to consumer products, Budmen Industries offers specialized services and consulting in the areas of manufacturing and material processes, artistic commission, installation and collaboration, industrial and digital design, and research of digital user/consumer behavior.

To learn more about Budmen Industries offerings please visit our Products and Services pages.


21 Terms for the 21st Century

If words are thoughts, then it stands to reason that learning new words means we can think new thoughts. Digital fabrication technologies like 3D printing are unique tools with distinct processes; completely different from anything in human history. While using analogies to describe these technologies can be a powerful tool, often they conjure up misleading representations preventing us from fully grasping the technology at hand. A new book from Isaac Budmen assigns 21 brand new words to ideas, behaviors and techniques made possible because of 3D printing.

Examples of the word MYKEA: An object that prints flat and needs to be assembled to it's final form
Things like a “Scanvenir: (n) An object 3D scanned on vacation and fabricated at home” or “Meshmash: (v) to combine two or more computed 3D meshes”. Discover these words and more! This book, the culmination of thousands of hours of experiments, ideation and creative construction, is sure to have something for everyone to learn!

Cyborg Neil Harbisson with the World's First Cyborg Sculpture

Budmen creates World's first Cyborg Sculptures

SCULPTURES WITH SAME CYBERNETIC SENSES AS CYBORG SUBJECTS Beginning in the 21st Century, digital technology has begun to unlock new types of perception and creation that extend beyond the physical limitations of the human form. Modern manifestations of Cyborgism, or human beings with biological and technological components, has enabled individuals to possess enhanced senses such as the ability to hear color or sense the seismic activity of the Earth. These cybernetic senses belong to Neil Harbisson, the first government recognized Human Cyborg, and Moon Ribas, respectively.

Artist Isaac Budmen creates artistic works and products using processes enabled by 21st Century digital capture and fabrication technologies. These unique sculptures represent an artistic collaboration between three 21st Century Citizens who came together to create interactive sculptures that capture, educate and share the enhanced senses of Harbisson and Ribas with the world. To create the life-accurate sculptures of Harbisson and Ribas, Budmen captured each subject using 3D scan data. The resulting 3D models were then digitally sculpted to enhance details and contrast. Click here to learn how these world's first sculptures were created

Published: June 21 2016