A Better Way To Work

When working on a project in our shop, we found ourselves constantly running back and forth to different tool chests and parts bins, grabbing this, that, and the other thing. The workbench would be covered in an array of different items to complete a project.

There had to be a better way. So we designed a tool tray that organizes all the tools and parts you need for project while saving time and frustration.


Designed to fit anywhere you need it


The handle doubles as a small parts tray for easy sorting


Made from durable materials with a lasting finish, this tray is designed to last.

Designing An Heirloom

We built these Tool Trays as an heirloom piece worthy of handing down from generation to generation. While we have plenty of high tech tools in the workshop, the most cherished are the high quality tools passed down from our grandparents.

Made from sturdy steel and with beautiful finishes that only get better with age. The Budmen Tool Tray is precision hand-formed from high quality carbon steel and finished in a beautiful Supernova Blue that is designed to last through years of use.

Budmen Tool Tray with assorted tools stashed insideBudmen Tool Tray with assorted paints stashed inside

Not To Big Not Too Small

At 20in long and 6in wide, it is big enough to hold tools for even the most complex projects. The handle doubles as a 1in x 20in trough specifically designed to hold small parts. The Budmen Tool Tray comes with high contrast anti-slip mats to prevent your tools from rolling around when you move it.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions20in x 6in x 6in.
ColorSupernova Blue
LinerAnti-Slip Rubber
MaterialCarbon Steel
OriginMade on Earth

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