The Story


We built the Buildini as a reliable and large format 3D printer for our own use in our workshop.

Within the walls of Budmen Industries, experimentation is the name of the game. It is common to find 3D printers printing everything from pastry to fabric to furniture. Needless to say, this sort of constant experimentation can be very demanding on a 3D printer.

Our goal was to build a 3D printer that could meet the demands of extreme experimentation, print big objects and make maintenance quick and easy.

We started from the ground up. Challenging the industry’s traditional ideas and construction techniques. We obsessively pushed for a simpler, more reliable machine. Thousands of hours spent experimenting, testing and refining resulted in a 3D printer that is minimal, modular, and maintainable. We call it the Buildini.

We hope that you use this tool to experiment and discover its possibility.

- The Budmen Team

Detail Obsessed

Some call it obsession. Some call it crazy. For us it is the only way to do it right. When it comes to quality every millimeter matters. That is why we bring the same fanatical level of attention and care to each stage of fabrication. You can be confident every screw, connector and component on your printer has passed our rigorous quality control tests.

Modular Design

The Buildini 3D printer is modular. Every component easily drops into place like Legos®. This approach simplifies assembly and assures a high level of quality control on the production line. Best of all it makes maintenance for you easy.


Frontier Yellow

Beacon of Possibility

Pioneers are a special breed. They are a courageous bunch who roll up their sleeves, dive in and get their hands dirty. They are rebels who don't wait for the future, they seize the possibilities today. They rely only their tools and intuition to get them there.

Frontier Yellow is a beacon of possibility for pioneers, illuminating the path forward.

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