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The Buildini™ has a massive build size ready to print your big ideas. Push your designs to new heights as you 3D print objects ready for use. Print stunning detailed props at full scale for your latest studio production. Create that piece de resistance for your up coming show that will grab the hearts and minds of attendees. At this scale the only limit is your imagination.

Print Many

When it comes to making parts or working on your latest creative project it is rare you need one of anything. The large build volume of the Buildini™ has more than enough room to print dozens of parts at once. Print your pieces in batches or print them in order of priority. Whatever number of parts you need the Buildini™ is ready to print them all.

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Print Products.

Who said 3D printers were only for prototypes? Want your idea to go into production now? Go from concept to finished product using the Buildini™ 3D printer. Whether you want to print a finished work of art or make the Buildini™ part of your process it's ready to go to work.

Print Repairs.

Don't despair, repair! Tired broken knobs around the house? A table leg that's wobbly? A light switch that's so hard to grip? That missing part you can't find anywhere? Well don't replace your stuff, repair it with the Buildini 3D Printer.


Thoughtful features and powerful technology make for a capable and user-friendly machine. Learn about the design and technology that power the Buildini.

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Every great product has a story. Learn about the how we designed and manufacture the Buildini 3D Printer.

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Superb Support.

Education is the key to success. To empower our customers to make great things we offer a growing knowledge base. Learn how to 3D print today with our library of user guides, tutorials and support materials.

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