Project Papers

A comprehensive collection of digitally documented artistic and scientific creations. Each Project Paper contains a detailed analysis of the processes, tools and materials needed to successfully imaginize the work and includes a careful consideration of the behaviors, ideas and philosophies that emerge from it.

Cyborg Sculptures

The world's first Cyborg Sculptures, containing the same cybernetic capabilities of their human-cyborg counterparts.

Pine Cone Collection

A downloadable collection of 3D printable desktop delights cleverly capturing the spiraling seeds of trees.

8 Bits, 3 Dimensions

A collection of dimensionalized 3D prints inspired by the 8-bit watercolor paintings of Adam Lister

Actualizing Abstraction

Bringing new dimensions abstract art inspired by the abstractions of Carolyn Frischling

Scanning Holden

Expanding the possibilities of 3D scanning using drone technology to capture a historic building.