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Legend has it that Picasso never intended to paint his 1929 masterpiece, Nude Standing by the Sea. Instead, he dreamed of a monumental sculpture standing seaside at Cannes. When no one would commission the work, he painted the piece in hopes that someday someone would.

Now, for the first time, this biomorphic behemoth can stand firmly on two feet just as Picasso planned. Using the original painting for reference, this piece has been dimensionalized into a beautiful sculpture that can be appreciated from every angle.


An original figurine dimensionalized from the 1929 Pablo Picasso painting “Nude Standing by the Sea”

Bring home this triumphant topiary and enjoy your very own Garden Variety Picasso.

Ideas from across space and time come to life in the Dimensionalization Department at Budmen Industries. This is where our highly skilled team bring to life the spectacular subjects of paintings, drawings and stories as three-dimensional objects and beyond!

Curiously Collectable

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GARDEN VARIETY PICASSO is available as a collectable sculpture, a replica of the original work that has been exhibited across the United States from NYC to Oakland, CA. The original dimensionalized work is in the collection of the Digital Department at the Metropolitian Museum of Art in NYC. This hand finished sculpture is sure to be the exciting garden variety gift ever! Made in the U.S.A. and availble exclusively in the Budmen Store.