Endless Building Toy

Have hours of fun connecting and reconnecting these HEX-A-NECT building bits from Budmen Industries. Designed to easily snap together use them to create curious contraptions, serendipitous sculptures and infinite inventions. Endless hours of fun for everyone ages 3 and up.

Endless hours of entertainment!

Connect, reconnect and connect some more!


HEX-A-NECTs get their name from their shape, a hexagon!

This is the same shape that bee's use to make honeycomb.


A creative construction set for:

- Curious contraptions

- Serendipitous sculptures

- Imaginative inventions

Bountiful Building

Start shaping sensational structures!

HEX-A-NECTS™ collectable building toy are available in for purchase in sets of 45 perfect polymer pieces. An amusement for the imagination, this thinkers toy is a great way to clear your head and tune your creative senses.

Build it tall! Build it small! Hours of inspiration and ideation are baked right into the endless connectivity of this powerful plaything.

Start or expand on your collection of HEX-A-NECTS at the Budmen Store! Made in the U.S.A. and available exclusively in the Budmen Store.