Floating on the wind high above the world, the Cloud Factory sits. Whirling and whooshing as it breaths in the slivers of once mighty cumuli, these proud giants are returned to their purest elements. In the belly of the factory, clouds are born. At first, just a mist. A vapor as it moves across the station. It quickly becomes something more.

Welcome to the exciting world of making masses of liquid droplets float freely in the sky! With the CLOUD FACTORY you can soon begin crafting these mesmerizing atmospheric marvels for yourself.

Caution ⚠ now entering



Built for building clouds

CLOUD FACTORY comes fully equipped with powerful integrated cloud forming systems

Simulated Orographic Lift
Atmospheric Convection Engine
Simulated Orographic Lift
Advanced Monitoring

More than noisy notifications, it's serious safety.

Safe operation is insured through an atmospheric monitoring system included as a standard feature in all facilities. The state of the art alert system will notify you of possible inclimate inconveniences like H2O supersaturation, dangerous electric discharge and droplet crystalization

UV Index extremely high, production during this time will expedite the dissolving rate of clouds.
Out of optimal temperature range for cumulo-production, operation may continue but quality will be almost impossible to control
Clouds being produced are prone to electric discharge, static filters may need replacement
H2O over-saturation, clouds prone to deluge. Reduce aqua-osmosis levels gradually at a rate of 0.5%
Any clouds produced during this time will be at risk of snow, sleet or other frozen flurries
Patent Pending

Precipiation Production Sytem

Our cutting edge system provides perfect precision in droplet production

Cloud Drop Effective Radius monitoring


Curiously Collectable

Museum Pedigree made personal

CLOUD FACTORY is available as a collectable conceptual model, a replica of the original work that has been featured in the London Science Museum. This 12 inch3 sculpture makes a perfect addition to any atmosphere. Made in the U.S.A. and availble exclusively in the Budmen Store.